Mikaelah Cordeo, Ph.D.

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Early in 2015 Mikaelah joined with a number of spiritual colleagues to co-create

Mount Shasta Authors Guild

Here you can learn more about many of the spiritual authors of Mount Shasta

Over 20 authors and their books are featured

including many books that are new releases!

We are constantly adding new features to this site

Including: Coming Mount Shasta Spiritual Events,

Author Book Talks, Videos, Blogs and Services

Mikaelah Cordeo announces her newest book!

Peace, Love and Healing

- New Teachings from Lord Jesus the Christ

click the link above to read an excerpt or to order.


To watch a video of her recent book talk on her first two books:

Live in Love and Gift of the Leprechauns

including a number of key exercises,

click here.

Mikaelah Cordeo, Messenger for the Ascended Masters

Sacred Reading & Healing
Guided and Guarded by the Angels

Namaste and Welcome. We, your Guides and Angels,
greet you from the realms of Illumined Truth.
May the blessings of the Angels and your own Higher Self
bring forth all that is ready in you for greater health,
deeper alignment with your own Divine Presence and
the full expression of your part in the Divine Plan.  
May you experience true self-empowerment, prosperity, vibrant health, and joy.

Mikaelah Cordeo, Ph.D. brings 25 years of experience as a spiritual counselor, teacher, intuitive reader and healer. She received the precious gift of working directly with your Guides, Angels and Higher Self as well as Master teachers such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Quan Yin and many more to bring you a direct experience of the Wisdom, Love, Peace and Joy of your true nature. Receive answers to your deepest questions and tools for your health and self-empowerment. Her ability to bring you to your next level of spiritual empowerment is a Divine gift that must be experienced to be believed.

Intuitive Readings

Chakra Reading:
A comprehensive look at how you are doing -- body, mind and spirit. Healing, balancing and repatterning as needed.
Relationship Reading: What are the energetic strengths and weaknesses of present or potential relationships -- friends, family, lovers.
Questions and Answers: An intuitive look at the important issues of your life.
Spiritual Progress Report: Talk with your angels, guides and teachers. Review your path. Initiation and Ascension assistance when appropriate.

Spiritual Healing and Lightbody Work

Light Body Activations:

  • Move to your next level of connection to the Divine.
  • Open to new levels of Divine Empowerment and your life work.
  • Initiation and Ascension assistance.
  • New! Diamond Heart Reiki Master attunement to take you to the next level of your Reiki work.

Jin Shin Jyutsu®: A painless, 9th dimensional Japanese acupressure technique to clear your energy meridians and restore vibrant health and well-being.

Alchemical Hypnotherapy: Go deep with guided imagery. Work with your inner child, guides, and angels. Deep healing of emotional and psychological issues, early childhood and past life regression.

Mikaelah Cordeo's Newest Book!

Mikaelah works closely with Lord Jesus and recently received her newest book "Peace, Love and Healing" from his channeled messages. It has some fabulous messages, and beauiful meditations and exercises for personal growth and empowerment.

Client's Say!

"Incredible insight about my kids!"

"I felt so empowered. With the tools she gave me I can help myself stay clear and answer many of my own questions."

"I immediately felt lighter, free from painful emotional baggage."

"My new guide embodies the spirit of my life-long power animal. I am thrilled."


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